Raphax 1000mm (39″)

Includes reinforced PRE-BUILD fuselage


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Our Raphax is our Multi platform with a wingspan of 1000mm.
It comes with a reinforced PRE-BUILD fuselage so there’s no hassle to get everything lined up correctly. This way you are up in the air in no time.
You can fly the Raphax as a racer, or just go for longer range as the battery compartment can hold any kind of power source, from Lipo to Li-ion of almost any size.
Equipped with a 35mm low kv motor it’s an excellent Long Range platform.

Fitted with a higher kv motor it will ride some tracks with you.
The aircraft is cut from highly durable, light and very stiff EPP and is reinforced with 1.5mm plywood side panels to protect the airframe during unscheduled landings.

The kit includes:

Pre-build reinforced fuselage
EPP Wing cores
Control Linkage Parts
8 Fiberglass Spars 2mm
2 Fiberglass center tubes 6mm
Balsa Elevons
Honeycomb Winglets
3D printed Motor Mount plate
3D printed Motor mount
More than enough 75 mic laminate
A set of amazing Decals

Note: Glue is NOT included with the kit
You can order it here

Recommended configuration (not included but available in our shop):

Motor: 3530 size motor with a 8×6″ or 9×6″ prop on 3-4S
T-motor AS2814 1200kv .
ESC: 55A T-Motor AT55A  
Servos: 2x 12 grams metal gear Emax ES08MA II
Lipo: from 2200mAh – 4500mAh 3-4S
Li-ion: 18650 3200mAh 3-4S or 26650 6000mAh

Build Manual Raphax with your order


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Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 20 cm

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