B-TRAXX 700mm (28″)


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Get ready for the B-TRAXX.
The B-TRAXX is a twin boom racer with a wingspan of 700mm. It takes a 1300 – 1500mAh 3-4S lipo.
This highly manoeuvrable twin boom airframe makes you enjoy FPV even more.

The kit includes:

2 pieces of EPP Wing cores
1 center section

2 boom sections
Quality Control Linkage hardware
Fiberglass Spars for main wing and fuselages
Balsa Elevons
2 x 3D printed motor mount

4mm Coroplast elevator/stabiliser parts
More than enough laminate to cover your airframe.
A set of Decals
Note: Glue is NOT included.

Recommended setup (not included):

2 x T-motor F1507 2700kv 
2 x aileron servo Emax 4.2gr or Emax 12gr
1 x elevator servo Emax 4.3gr or Emax 12gr
2 x F35A 3-6S ESC
1 x 1300 – 1500mAh 3S or 4S
2 x 3″ tri-blade or dual blade


Additional information
Weight 150 g
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 20 cm

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